Letter from the President

14c6783Thank you for visiting our website.

The Lewis Group is a Safety Centric organization focused on providing quality services to a distinguished customer base.

Since 1996, the Lewis companies have provided solution-oriented services with a deliberate focus on executing in accordance with our core values of Safety, Quality, Integrity & Accountability.

Lewis provides industrial, environmental, emergency response, waste management and property maintenance services; however, our true product is our people.  Through Lewis YOUniversity, we continually invest in the training and professional development of our staff to ensure opportunities exist to grow with the company and better serve our customers.  Our employees are duly respected throughout the industry and continue to set the standard in all we do.

Our customer base is diverse and our range of services broad.  We are committed to lead with safety and be accountable to our customers and employees.  We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as a customer.

Richard D. Lewis
President & Chief Executive Officer